Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work In Progress...

Post the following information to your blog:
  • What you've done so far;
  • What you still need to accomplish in the two weeks we have left;
  • How your work will benefit you and others.
  • PLEASE NOTE: failure to post will result in a status meeting Wednesday in class to determine whether you are capable of controlling your own destiny.
-What have you done so far?
So far I haven't really done much to be honest... I've thought of ways to incorporate photography into my last few weeks of this course (and hopefully to continue after graduation) but I haven't set anything in motion yet. I really need to get on the ball with that...

-What do you still need to accomplish in the two weeks we have left?
Easy said. I need to set things in motion.

-How your work will benefit others?
My work will (hopefully) benefit the Documentary team in adding another element (stills) to their work. Also, my work will benefit the people who see what we're doing, and who see "We Are Superman" to aid in the process of artistically showing the world what we're doing, and how we plan on changing what we know as the educational system set in place today.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

AP Test Prep

This past week has been somewhat... stressful over the AP related items.. to say the least. There's so much to do, it feels, and the clock, as we all know, is ticking. Ticking away faster than I seem to realize at this moment. This week I have mostly been working with Lit Terms, as to the quizzes that keep popping up (including the one tomorrow!) but I've been focusing at least... 3 days this past week going over either actual literature, or notes, that I will be tested on, whether that's physical books, physical notes, my blog, or other people's blogs. Trying to get myself familiar with the stuff I SHOULD really know that this point. Then I go back to studying those lit terms.... I've never taken the AP Exam before, so I'm not entirely sure of what I'm walking into, but I DO know that those Lit Terms will help me understand what's being asked of me, and if anything, I want to at least be able to understand the questions being asked of me. Sorry this kind of turned into one diary entry, rather than a "week journal," but.... here's to effort?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Proof of the Macbeth Notes

So here is the beginning of my Macbeth notes. Dr.Preston, please check your email for the reason I didn't post all of it. I'm just posting before midnight that I do, indeed have work to show for myself. The rest of it is just written in pen. Thank you.

Macbeth Notes

Act 1 Scene 1
·         3 witches
Act 1 Scene 2
·         Thane of Cawdor- traitor
·         Macbeth- war hero/ thane of Glamis
·         Macbeth becomes thane of Cawdor to take place of traitor (witches forsee in next scene)
Act 1 Scene 3
·         When thunder rolls, witches appear
·         Banquo questions their mortality, comparing them to something unhuman
·         Witches proclaim Macbeth will one day be King
·         Macbeth isn’t weary of the witches, while Banquo is
Act 1 Scene 4
·         Malcom (King’s son) heir to throne
·         Stands in the way Macbeth & crown
Act 1 Scene 5
·         Lady Macbeth points out, Macbeth is ambitious… (familiar? Caesar)
·         Thinks he’s too kind to become King- so she’ll convince him
·         Put femininity aside to do what is necessary
·         Lady M has plans to kill Duncan that evening
Act 1 Scene 6
·         King comes to Macbeth’s castle and is greeted
Act 1 Scene 7
·         Macbeth worried about setting in a stream of consequences for killing the King
·         No other reason to kill the King other than self-ambition
·         No longer intends on killing Duncan – Lady M pissed- questions his manhood
·         Plan: while Duncan sleeps, she will give his chamberlains wine to make them drunk, and then she and Macbeth can slip in and murder Duncan. They will smear the blood of Duncan on the sleeping chamberlains to cast the guilt upon them.